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Doctors/ Medical Professionals/ Dietitians




Wellness Groups


Business Owners


Insurance Companies

How the Power Of my apex coach Supports Your Business


Create additional income streams for your business

White-label and reselling opportunities

Increase both real and perceived values of your services

Cost saving on health insurance for businesses

Why Partner with Apex?


Medical professionals/

Our medical series was created by registered dieticians to help other dieticians and people in the medical field. Help and serve more clients with a proven process that is drag and drop and easy to deliver. Less time creating plans, less money spent hiring or outsourcing to help your clients.


Business owners/Insurance

Health insurance is expensive. By partnering with My Apex Coach you can provide your health insurance providers with proof that you are paying for your employees to to have registered dieticians create diet plans for your staff, you have certified fitness coaches writing and instructing your staff how to properly exercise. By doing this you will lower insurance premiums substantially while also driving up employee morale within your company.


Gym owners/Fitness professionals/Fitness Franchisescompanies

If you could increase the average revenue per client you would obviously do it right? With My Apex Coach you can easily raise the average revenue per client anywhere from $15-$50 per month simply by adding our software onto your membership. Better yet, wouldn't you love to be able to white label and brand our software as your own? Learn how you can have your very own branded app with our team of registered dieticians, coaches and staff working with you!

Apex Coach Offers More For
Your Gym or Medical Office

Whether you are a fitness trainer, doctor, or physical therapist, we all know that nutrition is important in maintaining health. But not every gym or office can hire an expensive nutritionist to support that service. Offering easy to use nutritional guidance to your members and clients will boost their results which helps you have better client retention and earn more revenue.

We offer gyms a separate revenue stream that doesn't require them to hire an expensive dietician or nutritionist. All you have to do is plug your current members into the system and reap the rewards. Similarly, we offer medical professionals a cost effective way to help their clients lose weight while making additional revenue for the office.


What Can Apex Coach Do To Support


We can automate your process and save you TONS of time! You already have the knowledge and expertise but you may not have the time to dedicate to offering a service that sets you apart. Why go through the hoops and hurdles to spend extra time writing meal plans by hand when you could use our software instead?

We want you to be able to devote your attention to your client's needs. That's why we've already put in the time and work to create an easy to use and time saving nutrition software that can automate the way that you coach your clients. Because spending less time writing plans by hand gives you more time helping clients and growing your business!


Technology MY APEX COACH

Other nutrition apps just track meals and make you count your own calories, but that doesn't really save anyone time. Additionally, they are structured for people who already know what their diet needs are and how to reach their nutritional goals. That's why we wanted our software to be easy to follow and offer more than just meal tracking.

With My Apex Coach App there is no calorie counting because all the calculations are done for you! All you have to do is follow the meal plans to get the results. Our app includes customizable nutrition guidance to meet your needs and help you support your physical training with healthy diet habits. You'll get a weekly shopping guide so you know exactly what to buy, how much, and what to cook with it. We made it so that you can't fail!


Flexible Pricing Options

$99.00 Activation fee plus first month billed in advance to get started. Then the following monthly levels will apply.

# of Users Monthly Price Per User Price
0-10 User Profiles $40.95 $4.09/each
11-25 User Profiles $97.95 $3.90/each
26-50 User Profiles $144.95 $2.89/each
51-100 User Profiles $229.95 $2.29/each
101-250 User Profiles $412.95 $1.65/each

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